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Access Grid at UK

The Access Grid node at The University of Kentucky was among the first Access Grid nodes to come into being. An Access Grid node is composed mainly of four components:

  • The video capture computer and cameras.
  • The display computer and projectors.
  • The audio capture computer and sound system.
  • The control computer which provides a software interface to the sound system.

The capture computers capture and encode local video and audio and send it out over the Grid toremote sites. The display computer receives video from the Grid, decodes it and projects it to a screen through the projectors.

Remote audio is handled by the audio capture computer. Since the goal of the Access Grid is to provide group to group communication, large spaces come into picture. Large spaces have acoustic peculiarities which causes echo and other related problems. The sound system corrects these before the audio is sent out. The node at UKY came into being in the summer of 1999. It was built from four Pentium III Xeon based dual processor Dell Computers. Two of these (the audio and video capture computers) running RedHat Linux 6.1, one Windows NT (the display computer) and the fourth running Windows XP.

The current configuration of our Access Grid Node is :

  • Display and Controller each run on Windows XP Professional in a Dell 1750 Poweredge server.
  • Video runs on Fedora Core 2 in a Pentium 4 Dell system.
  • Audio runs on Windows XP Professional in a Pentium 4 Dell system.

The Access Grid node at The University of Kentucky is located at 327 McVey Hall, Centre for Computational Science Building. The campus directions for McVey Hall can be found here

Contact sysadmin(at) for further details