How do I request an allocation?

Do I need an allocation?

All eligible Lipscomb Cluster users (generally, faculty members--see the full allocation policy posted HERE for details) are automatically provided an allocation of 40,000 core-hours. This allocation is renewed annually for PIs who meet the standard reporting requirements.

Allocation request procedure

1. Prepare a white paper clearly describing the research project for which you are requesting compute time, the methods you will use, and providing a justification for the amount of compute time you are requesting.

  • The white paper should be 2-4 single spaced pages long
  • The project description should clearly enunciate a motivation for the proposed research, a brief summary of previous results sufficient to provide an understanding of the context of the proposed research, and an outline of the plan for the proposed research
  • Include a specific statement indicating both UK and non-UK collaborators, as well as any students or post-docs intended to be involved in the project.
  • The white paper should specifically describe the computational methods to be used, and note whether the methods are currently available at UK, commercially available, or in development.
  • An explicit statement of the amount of compute time requested must be included.
  • In addition, include specific language justifying both the appropriateness of the Lipscomb Cluster for the methods proposed and the amount of compute time requested.
2. Complete the New User Account form if you dont already have an account on the UK HPC system.
3. Submit your
completed white paper requesting the allocation.
4. Your request will be evaluated by the UK HPC Allocations Committee at it's next regular meeting (which are scheduled once a quarter). You will be notified by CCS staff as to the status of your request, or if there are any omissions or concerns with your application.
  • If you need additional compute time immediately, and are unable to wait until the next Allocations Committee meeting, please contact the CCS staff, email at
5. Each allocation will be assigned a reference, which must be included in the job submission scripts for all jobs to be charged to your allocation. Details on how to prepare a job submission script are available HERE.

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