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What is the HPCAC?

The UK High-Performance Computing Advisory Committee (HPCAC) is a committee of faculty representatives from the various UK Colleges created by the UK CIO to advise UK IT on issues relating to high-performance computing at UK. The HPCAC does not make or approve University or UK IT policy or actions. Rather, it formulates recommendations to the CIO. The CIO acts on these recommendations at his sole and complete discretion.

What is the HPCAC working on currently?

The CIO has asked that the HPCAC recommend a procedure by which the purchase and deployment of HPC software could be requested by researchers at UK. The HPCAC is currently formulating a recommendation as to how best to leverage scarce dollars to have the largest impact on research across the University.

The HPCAC is also formulating recommendations for more structured management of user accounts and allocations on UK-owned HPC hardware. The HPCAC seeks to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of these resources as research tools.

Finally, the HPCAC is actively working to enable community-wide HPC activities, including the submission of large HPC-focused multi-investigator grant proposals and HPC training and community awareness projects.

Who are the current members of the HPCAC?

  • Matthew Beck, Co-Chair, Chemical & Materials Engineering, College of Engineering
  • Barbara Kucera, Co-Chair, Center for Computational Sciences
  • Arthur Cammers, Chemistry, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Doyle Friskney, UK Information Technology
  • Kosta Tovstiadi, College of Communications & Information Studies
  • Mark Lauersdorf, Modern and Classical Languages, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Peter Spielman, Biochemistry, College of Medicine
  • Steve Gedney, Electrical & Computer Engineering, College of Engineering
  • Terry Draper, Physics and Astronomy, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Todd R. Johnson, Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences

How do I contact the HPCAC?

Please send all correspondence to the moderated list-serve

When and where does the HPCAC meet?

The HPCAC meets the first Wednesday of every month at noon in the Center for Computational Science conference room on the 3rd floor of McVey Hall. All regular meetings are open to the public.

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