Demonstration on the use of MedeA software

CCS (Center for Computational Sciences) will host a demonstration on the use of MedeA software on Tuesday, April 24, between 2-3 PM in 327 McVey Hall.

Hannes Schweiger from Materials Design will give the demonstration.

The MedeA software package can be used to predict materials properties using simulations based on first principles methods. It is also very useful for interpreting experimental data.

Integration of advanced computational approaches based on density functional theory and forcefield methods with comprehensive experimental databases provides high predictive power.

MedeA is designed for materials engineers and scientists who want rapid and reliable answers for a range of materials issues related to application areas such as electrical power generation, automotive applications, energy storage, alloy design, microelectronics, the chemical industry and petrochemicals.

Academic researchers rely on MedeA® for interpretation of experimental data, gaining deep understanding of materials properties, and as a basis for research in computational materials science. As such it also has unique value as tool for learning and teaching.

!!!Please plan to attend!!!

To download the Video of the Presentation Click here