A Kentucky-Montana Consortium: A collaborative project between Kentucky and Montana, and partners from industry and the public sector, that will develop integrated water quality sensors and an ecological informatics system by creating an updated cyberinfrastructure* has been funded by the National Science Foundation. Links


The Center for Computational Science has received funding for the development of ParamChem. ParamChem is a NSF sponsored initiative to develop an integrated cyber environment to address the simulation needs of molecular sciences. The proposed infrastructure will provide reference data organizers and generators as well as workflows for automatic parameterization of Molecular Mechanics (MM) Force Fields as well as Semi-Empirical (SE) methods.

Cyber-infrastructure Strategic Plan

John Connolly, director of CCS has recently submitted a Strategic development plan for cyber-infrastructure in the state of Kentucky to state government agencies. This plan will guide future investment and development of state cyber-resources for several years to come.
Link: KYCI Plan

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