Madhu Menon


Madhu Menon

Madhu Menon
Ph.D. University of Notre Dame, Indiana

Phone: (859) 257-8737
Office: 314 McVey Hall


Condensed Matter Theory

Research Interests

Theoretical predictions of structural and vibrational properties of new materials using quantum mechanical molecular dynamics methods. Research areas include carbon fullerenes and nanotubes, silicon clathrates, carbon based nanoscale devices, complex hetero-atomic systems, and magnetism in transition metals


Research Papers

  • E. G. Noya, D. Srivastava, and M. Menon "Heat-pulse rectification in carbon nanotube Y junctions", Phys. Rev. B 79, 115432 (2009).
  • A. Andriotis, R. M. Sheetz, N. N. Lathiotakis, and M. Menon "Tailoring the induced magnetism in carbon-based and non-traditional inorganic nanomaterials", Int. J. Nanotechnol. 6, 164 (2009).
  • A. Andriotis and M. Menon "Electronic transport in metal-soldered carbon-nanotube multiterminal junctions", Phys. Rev. B 78, 235415 (2008).
  • N. N. Lathiotakis, A. N. Andriotis, and M. Menon "Codoping: A possible pathway for inducing ferromagnetism in ZnO", Phys. Rev. B 78, 193311 (2008).
  • A. Andriotis, M. Menon, and H. Gibson "Realistic nanotube-metal contact configuration for molecular electronics applications", IEEE Sensors 8, 910 (2008).
  • J. Diao, D. Srivastava, and M. Menon, "Molecular dynamics simulations of carbon nanotube/silicon interfacial thermal conductance", J. Chem. Phys. 128, 164708 (2008).