Parallel Programming with MPI
University of Kentucky Local Arrangments

University of Kentucky (UKY) is presenting an MPI workshop over the Access Grid. This MPI workshop consists of 4 three-hour sessions held each Thursday beginning October 3, 2002 through October 24, 2002. 

This MPI workshop is sponsored by the Alliance Partners for Advanced Computational Services (PACS).

If interested in attending at UKY, please refer to these local arrangements. If planning to participate from another site, see the General Announcement for further information.

Overview of the Workshop

This workshop is on using the Message Passing Interface (MPI) standard to write parallel programs. MPI provides Standardization - on many levels, Portability - to existing and new systems,  Performance - comparable to vendors' proprietary libraries, Richness - extensive functionality, many quality implementations. It covers a variety of processor-to-processor communication routines, collective operations performed by groups of processors, defining and using high-level processor connection topologies and user-specified derived data types for message creation.  


UKY is located in Lexington, Kentucky, in the eastern time zone. The schedule is as follows:


 UKY Access Grid Node is located :

Center for Computational Sciences
327, McVey Hall
Lexington,  Kentucky-40506

Everybody is welcome to attend the workshop and for any special request or questions, please contact (859-257-8739) or