"Acceleration Techniques for the Spectral Element Ocean Model Methodlogy"

Craig Douglas
University of Kentucky
Department of Computer Science

ABSTRACT: We simulate the wind driven circulation in oceans. Our aim is to study the impact of short scale wind forcing on the oceanic circulation. We use the isopycnal version of the Spectral Element Ocean Model (SEOM). The modeling of these flows and their climatic impact is complicated by the inherent range of spatial scales involved, which extend from the global scale of O(10,000) km down to the local scale of O(1) km, and by the intrinsic three dimensionality of the dynamics. In this talk, we define a (parallel) preconditioner that allows for a significant speedup for problems that normally run for tens of thousands of CPU hours. This is joint work with Gundolf Haase (Johannes Kepler University of Linz) and Mohamed Iskandarani (University of Miami).

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