"From SOL to RAGE: New Work on Collaborative Technologies for Classics"

Shahid Saleem Mohammed
UK Department of Computer Science
ABSTRACT: The Suda On Line is a project begun in 1998 by Raphael Finkel in Computer Science and Ross Scaife in Classics (and others) that allows a hierarchically ordered and distributed group of editors and contributors to work together on translating and annotating a complex 10th c. Byzantine Greek encyclopedia via the internet. This talk will describe current work on the SOL, which has focused on making the system more robust and on developing automated techniques for feature extraction. These techniques allow us to implement links on the fly to other web-accessible databases. Most recently we have moved to new work on a related part of the IT infrastructure with which we intend to augment our collaborative system, namely RAGE: the Registry of Ancient Geographic Entities. RAGE is an inventory of conceptual spatial units. For RAGE, an entity is defined as any notional geographic object that is attested in ancient sources, or identified in modern scholarship about the ancient world. Many disciplines that generally study the ancient world in isolation from each other apply their specialized methods to common geographic entities. RAGE aims at facilitating the exchange of specialized information, and at making the application of specialized methods more broadly accessible. We hope that this will simplify the integration of related literary, archaeological, historical and geographic material, and will thereby encourage a more unified view of ancient studies. RAGE uses the new SOAP protocol to provide a listing (or registry) of entities correlated with a listing of names provided by participating projects (such as SOL, and we hope many others). RAGE makes this registry available through well defined interfaces that programs can use to discover information known to and services provided by participating RAGE projects. SOAP is a lightweight XML-based protocol for exchange of information in a decentralized, distributed environment.

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