Rclone/Google Drive Training Workshop

"CCS hands-on Workshop (Oct 6, 13 and 20) on using Google Drive for Research Data Storage "

If you are looking for cost-effective space to store your data, this hands-on tutorial may be for you. Google Drive currently provides unlimited free storage to UK faculty, staff, and students who have a google education account through the UK account manager. Although many users have used Google Drive in the past, making effective use of Google Drive's unlimited storage service to store/archive large (research) data sets can be challenging.

To help UK users make effective use of Google Drive storage services, the Center for Computational Sciences (CCS) will provide a hands-on workshop and tutorial describing how to setup a UK a Google Drive account with unlimited storage. It will also show users how to setup, configure, and use free open source software such as rclone http://www.rclone.org to transfer large amounts of data quickly and efficiently between UK and Google Drive, particularly for transfers between the DLX supercomputer and Google Drive.

Workshops are currently scheduled for October 6, 13, and 20. Note that each session is limited to 15 participants.


Depending on demand, additional dates may be added.

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** Attendees are asked to bring their laptop on the day of the workshop. **

Instructions materials used during the workshop

Instructions with commands for Rclone/Google Drive training workshop