Emeritus's message

John Connolly - Director

The University of Kentucky Center for Computational Sciences has become established as the major center for computational activity at the University of Kentucky. It currently serves to: encourage new and innovative uses of computers; provide an optimum environment for training, and for development of programs; support interdisciplinary projects where the computational expertise of one discipline can be transferred to another; initiate collaborations with outside research through the support of visitors, seminars, workshops and conferences; test state-of-the-art hardware and software; and serve as the principal liaison between the researchers and the Computing Center.

The scope of the projects directly supported by the Center spans nearly the entire range of academic activities at the University. These include programs in: mathematical and physical sciences, engineering, medical applications, social sciences and business, and energy and the environment. For example, in mathematical sciences there are several projects in numerical analysis and computer science involved with the development and optimization of techniques for solving differential equations and pattern recognition problems. In physics, there are several projects in quantum chromodynamics, the theory of how elementary particles form and interact. There are also projects in nuclear physics, atomic physics and superconductivity. In astronomy, the Center supports research in the dynamics of the solar system, stars, interstellar masers and the clustering of galaxies.

In order to develop the Center as a major contributor to computational science, a program has been instituted to attract top experts through the awards of Special Professorships in Computational Science. These are joint appointments between the Center and departments in a number of disciplines.