• 3 Computing the Chemistry of Vitamins
    "Flavin enzymes play many crucial roles in human metabolism. Deficiency with regard to one of the flavoenzymes essential for fatty acid metabolism has been implicated as a possible cause of sudden infant death syndrome." - Anne-Frances Miller
  • 4 Designing Spacecraft of the Future
    "Ultimately, if you can compute the solutions and predict the motion response, you can help design stronger material" - Suzanne Weaver Smith
  • 5 Enhancing Minimally Invasive Surgery
    "Our goal is to allow surgeons to do what they do, only better and more safely" - Brent Seales
  • 6 Developing Drugs to Fight Addiction and Disease
    "Our goal is, through changing the BChE structure, to make its activity much higher, which means that if we inject the protein into the blood,the cocaine would almost immediately be destroyed" - Chang-Guo Zhan
  • 6 Enhancing the Human-Computer Audio Interface
    "Arrays can definitely result in a much clearer signal, which will certainly help with voice recognition and word recognition" - Kevin Donohue