April 30, 2024
3:00 pm – Refreshments
3:30 pm – Presentation

(1) Barry Farmer, Center for Computational Sciences, University of Kentucky
(2) Satrio Husodo, Information Technology Services – Research Computing Infrastructure, University of Kentucky
(3) Vikram Gazula, Center for Computational Sciences, University of Kentucky

Davis Marksbury Building – James F. Hardymon Theatre
(Zoom link: https://uky.zoom.us/s/84474671604)

Breaking Barriers: Accessing HPC Resources Through User-Friendly Interfaces

Navigating high-performance computing (HPC) resources can be daunting and challenging, even for experienced researchers, due to the reliance on the command-line interface.  This seminar will show you how to use HPC resources through web graphical user interfaces (GUIs).  These interfaces help users in the basic navigation of the cluster operating system, computational job submission, and data workflows.  For example, we will showcase Python data analysis workflows that can be easily performed on your web browser using JupyterHub.  Moreover, we will provide and demonstrate ways to access the familiar user interfaces of Matlab or R-Studio on our HPC clusters.  We will also discuss the ACCESS (Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Coordination Ecosystem: Services & Support) program, which aims to assist researchers in obtaining national-level computational resources while maintaining a low barrier to entry.  We are excited to share some of these tools, hoping they will allow you to be more efficient, no matter your research domain.

Farmer / Husodo / Gazula – 20240430-FarmerHusodoGazula-Seminar.pdf

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