CCS/ITS-RCI has developed relationships with the three main Cloud Service providers: Google’s Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft’s Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). CCS has offered faculty and staff meetings and workshops related to use of these systems and will continue to provide information and support as need to interested faculty. CCS has been developing its own local (on-prem) cloud capabilities ( where UK researchers can develop their Docker Containers (tailored for their research application) that can run our own UK “cloud” resources or those of our major Cloud Partners (Amazon, Google, etc.) as resources, priorities and policies dictate, moving seamlessly between on-prem and public cloud.

ITS runs a Cloud Community of Practice (CCoP) meeting (monthly) focused on cloud services and uses. For further information, contact Wayne Beech, in UKy ITS or check the ITS Calendar: If you would like direct contacts with a particular cloud provider: GCP, Azure or AWS for research purposes contact Tony Elam in UKy CCS. For information related to access to our CCS “on-prem” OpenStack systems See