Any faculty, staff, or student may request a User Account. A User Account allows a User to access the CCS Account Management Portal (AMP) where the User can update and modify information about themselves. The CCS AMP portal can be accessed using the User’s LinkBlue ID and password. Using the AMP portal, PI Users can assign Users and Resources to Projects.

PI accounts are able to request Resource Allocations. The process for requesting and obtaining Resource Allocations can be relatively simple or may require a small proposal depending on the number of resources requested (see Requesting Allocations). If a Resource Allocation request is granted, the PI effectively becomes the “owner” of the resource allocation and is free to assign the Resource Allocation(s) to any Projects for which they are the PI. (Note, some allocations are automatically re-assigned to Projects).

Non-PI User Accounts are not able to request Resource Allocations. Instead, these accounts must be associated with a Project that has Resources. User accounts that are associated with a Project have access to all the resources associated with the Project.

Users will typically be given resource-specific login IDs/passwords or access keys to each of the resources they are allowed to access. For example, when accessing a Unix-based system Users will be given an account where the login ID is their LinkBlue ID and the password is their Linkblue password. On Object Storage systems the ID will be an access key to be used in REST-based API calls (usually via an S3-compatible client program).

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