January 30, 2024
3:00 pm – Refreshments
3:30 pm – Presentation

Jim Griffioen, CCS and Computer Science Department, University of Kentucky

Davis Marksbury Building – James F. Hardymon Theatre
(Zoom link: https://uky.zoom.us/s/84474671604)

The State of Research Computing and Data (RCD) at UK and Beyond

There has been an explosive growth in the use of, and need for, advanced CyberInfrastructure (CI) required by today’s researchers – growth accelerated, in large part, by the wide-spread use of big data and artificial intelligence (AI).  Almost every research domain has been impacted by easy access to powerful computing systems, large data sets and knowledge bases coupled with powerful software tools and models supporting data analytics, simulation/modeling, and AI. Supercomputers focused on High Performance Computing (HPC) are now only part of the CI landscape and have been subsumed by a much broader set of research computing and data (RCD) resources, including a wide range of computational environments, storage systems, and network environments, that are now needed by researchers across all areas.  This talk will described the rapidly changing RCD ecosystem and will highlight the growing set of resources and services available at the University of Kentucky as well as resource and services available as part of the National (and emerging NAIRR) CyberInfrastructure.


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