February 27, 2024
3:00 pm – Refreshments
3:30 pm – Presentation

(1) Tyler Burkett, UK ITSRCD, University of Kentucky

(2) Helene Gold & Isaac Wink, UK Libraries, University of Kentucky

Davis Marksbury Building – James F. Hardymon Theatre
(Zoom link: https://uky.zoom.us/s/84474671604)

(1) Tackling Big Data Storage Challenges

(2) Services and Perspectives on Research Data

(1) Large data sets (a.k.a. “Big Data”) has become commonplace and is a driving force behind the impressive research capabilities being enabled by AI. Researchers are increasingly faced with a bewildering array of options when dealing with the challenges of managing big data sets. This talk will provide insights and best practices regarding the use and storage of large data sets including the various types of storage currently available, options for accessing and sharing data, tips for high-speed data transfer, and the nuances of archival storage.

(2) UK faculty librarians offer expertise and services across the research data lifecycle. This presentation will profile these services and offer librarian insight on topics relevant to researchers utilizing CCS resources. STEM Librarian Helene Gold will provide an overview of services and resources available to researchers, including conducting literature reviews, choosing databases, using Endnote, and setting research alerts. Research Data Librarian Isaac Wink will discuss university and funder mandates for data management and sharing, budgeting for data management and sharing costs, navigating the data repository landscape, and current challenges regarding management and sharing of Big Data.

(1) Tyler Burkett – 20240227-Burkett-Seminar.pdf
(2) Helene Gold & Isaac Wink – 20240227-GoldWink-Seminar.pdf

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